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The Rows and Columns tabs are nearly identical and are both documented within this same section.  If the Question Direction is rows, then the Rows tab controls the adding and editing of question variables.  If the Question Direction is columns, then the Columns tab controls adding and editing question variables.  See Introduction to Grid for an example of row-based vs. column-based question direction.


Row/Column Label and Question Settings


You use this area to add new questions or labels or modify those items within the grid.  You can also select multiple rows/columns to edit by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking multiple items.  Once you have selected multiple questions/labels, you can modify them all at once by clicking the Copy, Edit or Delete buttons.


When you highlight each row or column label, if the label represents a question, you see summary information regarding the question type in the area at the top right-hand side of the dialog.


AddLets you add labels and/or question items.


CopyLets you copy the label or question item to add another row or column to the grid.


EditLets you edit the current label or question item.  In the case of a question item, the Edit Grid Row/Column Label and Question Settings dialog is displayed.


DeleteLets you delete the current label or question item.


You can remove the Row or Column containing the labels by deleting all text for the row or column of labels.  If no text is supplied, Lighthouse removes the associated row or column entirely from the grid.


Totals Row/Column


Adds a non-editable "totals" field that sums up the numeric values that respondents provide in a numeric grid.  


Randomize Rows/Columns


Sometimes you may wish to randomize the order of row or column labels to control for order bias.  This section lets you specify to randomize all, or a subset of the range of items, for rows or columns.


Row/Column Label Format


This area lets you control the text color, styles, size, and justification for the rows/column labels.  You can also choose to use the Background Color (as specified on the General tab) rather than the alternating color for the column or row label background.


Repeat Row/Column Labels


With very long or wide tables that require scrolling, it can be helpful to repeat the row/column labels every nth row/column.  


Row/Column Label Position


Lets you specify that the row label is to appear at the left or right-hand side of the grid, or that the column label is to appear at the top or bottom of the grid.

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