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Question Direction


The question direction is a fundamental issue that determines the functionality of your grid and the use of the authoring interface.   The key to using the main Grid interface efficiently is to always keep in mind whether the question direction is by rows or columns.  Go to the Introduction to Grid for a quick illustration of row-based and column-based question direction.


If the question is row-based, then the Rows tab is used for adding and editing questions within the grid.  If the question is column-based, then the Columns tab is used for adding and editing questions.


General Question Format


Question Width (pixels)

This field specifies the total width of the grid question, in pixels.  We suggest you consider the minimum screen resolution that respondents may be using for their PCS.  Unless you are certain of the screen resolution used for all interviewing, generally we suggest not making your questions wider than 800 pixels.  A conservative choice would be no wider than 640 pixels.


Width of Labels Column (pixels)

The labels column is the first column at the very left of the grid question.  It is used for the row labels you supply under the Rows tab.


Question Border (pixels)

The question border determines how wide the dark border is around the outside of the grid ("border=" in HTML).  It also can have an affect on the grid lines.  You can make the grid lines disappear by setting the border=0.


Space Between Cells (pixels)

This determines the amount of space between the cells of the grid ("cellspacing="  in HTML).  By default we use no space.  If you specify space, the space will inherit the color used in the Background Color on this dialog.  You can achieve a sharp black line between cells by specifying the Question Border as zero, the Space Between Cells as 1 and a Background Color of black.


Space Between Border and Cell Contents (pixels)

This is the "cellpadding=" in HTML.  It controls the amount of empty space between the characters or graphics within cells and the cell borders.


Question Alignment

Controls the horizontal position of the grid question within the browser window.


Include Margins

Determines whether an additional border appears surrounding the grid question.  The color of the border is determined by the Background Color.


Background Color

Controls the color used in the margins (if Include Margins is checked) or the color used for the spacing between cells (if the Space Between Cells is greater than zero).


Alternating Colors


Alternating Color Direction

Determines the direction for alternating colors, either by rows or columns.  By default, the Alternating Color Direction is the same direction as the Question Direction.  Alternating colors help respondents process information in grid questions more efficiently.


Alternating Colors #1 & #2

Specifies the alternating colors to use.  The alternating colors are used by default in the question and row/column labels.  However, you can make the labels rows/columns use the Background Color instead using a control on the Rows and Columns tabs.


Small Screens


See Mobile Layout



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