Graphics Management

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Lighthouse Studio assumes a server installation that contains a separate graphics directory.  We use the function [%GraphicsPath( )%] to specify the path to that graphics directory.  When the survey is run on a server, the text "[%GraphicsPath( )%]" is replaced by the paths specified under Field | Hosting Management.  The function [%GraphicsPath( )%] is replaced with the text supplied in the Relative Path From CGI Scripts to Graphics field.


If you use the [%GraphicsPath( )%] function, Local Test Server always looks to the graphics subdirectory off of your study directory regardless of what you have specified under Field | Hosting Management.  But, when running on the server, Lighthouse Studio uses the paths to graphics specified under Field | Hosting Management.


One benefit to using the [%GraphicsPath( )%] function is that if you need to change the path definitions for graphics, you only need to change them in one place (under Field | Hosting Management).


If you want to, you can choose not to use the system variable when defining the paths to graphics.  You can provide an <img> tag with a relative or absolute path of your choice (where the path is the path from the Perl scripts to the directory containing the graphic, or the login.html file to the graphic).  However, customizing the paths will most likely mean that the graphics will not be able to be found when testing with Preview or the Local Server.


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