Exporting Open-end Data

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The Export All Data option creates a data file (STUDYNAME.tab) intended for reading by a statistical or cross-tabulation package.  If you want to export the open-ends in their entirety in a format that is intended for use with word processors or coding programs, you should choose File | Export Data | Open-ends Only. The Export Open-end Data dialog is displayed.


Respondent Numbering

Any datafield may be used for respondent numbering.


By default the open-ends are saved in the STUDYNAME.txt file, but you can change this name if you want.  The data are grouped by question.  Within each question, responses are displayed by respondent number.  


Here is a sample open-end file for two respondents and three open-end responses:



196        I have tried other soft drinks, but I like Sawtooth Spritz best.

234        Don't know, I just like its zing.



196        John

234        Mary



196        Jones

234        Burns


Any carriage returns respondents type are converted to spaces in the STUDYNAME.txt file.  

Page link: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/index.html?hid_web_expopn.html