Composing Text Questions

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Sometimes you may want to add transitional text that does not require any response.  You can specify text "questions" that stand alone on a survey page, or that separate other survey questions.  Note that Text questions don't limit you to just text.  You can include graphics or tables using HTML instructions.


Text questions do not count toward the data field limit specified by your software license.  No data are saved for Text questions.


When you add a Text question to your survey, the new question is inserted directly after any highlighted question in the List of Questions on the Write Questionnaire dialog.  If no question is highlighted, the new question is inserted at the end of the list.  


Formatting Options


You use the Text Question dialog to format text questions.


Text Question Layout


The text question has four main sections:


1.  Header 1

2.  Header 2

3.  Body

4.  Footer


The Body text line with its answer field is indented according to the Question Indent Width you specify in the Survey Settings | Page Format dialog.


The Text Question dialog has four buttons: Rename, Preview, OK and Cancel .

Format controls (Color, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, and Justification) are available for formatting text using the paintbrush paintbrush icon.



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