Preparing Conjoint Data for Analysis

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CBC data are typically analyzed using Counts and HB (hierarchical Bayes estimation).  Some researchers also use Latent Class for developing market segments.  All these tools (Counts, Latent Class, and HB) are available right withing the Lighthouse Studio interface.  (You could also export the CBC data to a .cho/.chs file and use the standalone versions of Latent Class and CBC/HB if you wish.)  


Once utilities are estimated, the results may be used within the Online Market Simulator, or within the simulator integrated within the Lighthouse Studio interface.  


Prior to conducting analysis, you should have downloaded your data from the Web server to your study directory on your hard drive.  We recommend you use the Data Management capabilities within Lighthouse Studio to examine the records for any respondents that should be deleted (speeders, straightliners, etc.).  You may delete any suspect records within the Data Management area.



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