Setting Passwords for On-line Administrative Access

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You should assign both a User Name and Password to limit access to the Admin Module.  Two levels of access are available within the Admin Module: Read Only and Read-Modify.


You may want to give only Read Only access to your client or other individuals who need to monitor the progress of the study, while retaining Read-Modify access for yourself.




To Specify Administrative User Name and Passwords


1.  Click Field | Hosting Management.  The Hosting Management dialog is displayed.


2.  Type the User Name and Passwords into the spaces provided.  


Default random user names and passwords are provided for your convenience (new random names and passwords are created for each new study), but you can change these if you like.  Up to 12 letters or numbers may be used for each field.  The user name and passwords are case sensitive.  For example, if the User Name is AdminJudy, the administrator cannot type adminjudy or ADMINJUDY to access the data online.




Read Only vs. Read/Write Administrative Rights


Read Only administrative rights let the user...


View the Study Summary

View Survey Data

Run Data Reports, including Cross-tabs

View the Passwords Reports

View the Incompletes Report

Test Survey


Read/Write administrative rights permit all the above operations, plus...


Download Data

Edit Survey Data

Delete Selected Records

Close a Survey

Reset a Survey


(There is an advanced capability for further customizing the menu items that are displayed for Read Only or Read/Write rights, documented later in this chapter.)



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