Customizing the Administrative Module

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(This is an advanced area.)


The Admin Module uses a default format and appearance, but you can modify the settings.  You can also change the default behavior regarding which menu items are available based on the level of password (read-write vs. read only).


Customizing the Menu Items


Under the Field | Hosting Management tab dialog, you specify Administrative Module Access passwords: Read-Only and Read-Modify administrative rights.  These two permission levels control which menu items are available within the Admin Module.


Read Only administrative rights let the user...


View the Study Summary

View Survey Data

Run Data Reports, including Cross-tabs

View the Passwords Reports

Test Survey


Read/Write administrative rights permit all the above operations, plus...


Download Data

Edit Data

Delete Selected Records

Close a Survey

Reset a Survey


You can change these default settings by creating a file named STUDYNAME_access.cgi and by placing it in the admin folder in your server setup.  If this file is present, Lighthouse Studio ignores the user name and password for the Admin Module as specified in the Survey Settings dialog.


Using STUDYNAME_access.cgi allows you to specify multiple passwords with customized levels of access to the Admin Module.


Here is an example demonstrating the STUDYNAME_access.cgi file format:




"admin_access" =>    


"Bob|3829" => {"read_access" => 1},

"Joe|8743" => {"study_summary" => 1, "data_reports" => 1},





In the example above, the user "Bob" with password "3829" is able to access all of the settings that come with Read Access. "Joe" on the other hand with password "8743" will only see the Study Summary and Data Reports menu options.


The available settings are:















Customizing the Look of the Admin Module


You can customize the look of the Admin Module by creating your own CSS file.  Create a file named "custom_admin_style.css" and place it in the study's graphics folder.


By including a custom CSS file, you can remove all "Sawtooth Software" branding from the Admin Module.


To remove our title and include your company's logo, include the following CSS:




 display: none;





 background:url('your_logo.gif') no-repeat center center;

 height: 50px;


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