How Respondents Access Your Survey

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Once you've uploaded your survey to your Internet server and verified that it is working properly, you need to decide how to invite respondents to complete it.  The most common way to invite respondents is via email, with an embedded link. Other methods include linking from another survey or website, or directly typing an address within the browser.


Respondents can open the Start page by browsing to (or clicking a link to):


where is the URL for your server

study1 is the folder containing your project (your "Remote Path")

mystudy is the name of your study


Getting to your survey:


1. Email URL Links.  Most every Email package is "Web-enabled," meaning that it recognizes URL addresses such as as Internet sites.  Whenever the Email package encounters an Internet address in the course of a message, it changes the text string to a link (underlines the text, changes its color, and makes it a clickable area).  When Email recipients click links, their computer automatically connects to the Web and their browser points them to your survey site referenced in the link.  You can also include the password information (or other "pass through information") in the link for “one-click” access to the survey with password verification.


2. Link from Website or Other Survey.  Respondents browsing a site on the Internet or taking another survey click a submit button or link (either text-based or clickable graphic) that connects them to your survey.  You can also include the password information or other "pass through information" in the link.  This provides “one-click” access to the survey with password verification.


3.  Typed URL.  Respondents connect to the Internet and type the URL into their browser (or cut and paste it from an Email message) to access your survey (the login.html page).

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