Conditional Display


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Conditional display is often used for showing a graphic when levels from one or more attributes appear together within a concept in a CBC task.  For example, you may have two separate attributes for brand and package size, but a single picture reflects the joint brand/package size concept.  Where the text for a particular brand and package size might appear in a CBC concept, you may wish to replace that with a graphic.


But conditional display is not limited to just graphics, as it simply adds (or replaces, depending on your Attribute Visibility setting) the existing level text.  Other possibilities include:


Multi-media files




Attribute Label (Optional)


If you are using Conditional Display and have chosen to show the graphic (or other conditional display "element") at the top or bottom of the choice task, you can optionally specify an attribute label to be shown in the choice task (on the left-hand side of the task).  This attribute label is only used (and is only applicable, otherwise it is "grayed out") if you have specified that attribute labels are to appear in the choice task.  You specify that attribute labels should appear within the choice task by clicking Compose | Write Questionnaire… and editing one of your choice tasks from the List of Questions.  Then, from the Format tab check the Show Attribute Labels box.


Note: if in Step 3 of the Conditional Relationships Wizard, you specified that the conditional display element is to replace the text of a certain attribute within the task, then the attribute label used for the conditional element is the original attribute label for the replaced attribute text (that you originally typed within the Specify Attributes and Levels dialog).

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