Export Data Dialog

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When you click File | Data Management and Add Job... the Export Job dialog is displayed.


Respondents to Include


You may filter which respondents to include in your export using Manage Filters....  The filter can be based on existing variables, or advanced filters may be built based on complex logic involving a single or multiple variables.


Respondent Numbering


Each record to export contains a Respondent Numbering field.  This dialog lets you specify the field to use as the Respondent Number.  Note: when exporting conjoint data for analysis in SMRT, your Respondent Number must be numeric and unique.


Export Settings


Export Name:  Here you specify the name for the Export Job (a text label)


Type: Lets you specify what kind of file to export (.csv, Excel, SPSS, Tab/Lay, Loop, or conjoint/MaxDiff exercise, if one is available in your study).  


File Formats:  You can specify multiple file formats to be exported simultaneously from the same Export Job (e.g. .csv, Excel, SPSS, Tab/Lay)


Export Fields:  Click this to specify which variables to include in this Export Job.


Output Filename:  Here you specify the name of the file (the prefix only).  The extension name is automatically provided depending on the type(s) of data file(s) selected to export.



Page link: http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/index.html?exportjobsettings.html