Error Functions

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Error Functions are used in displaying a message to the respondent that a question has not been completed properly and that they must remedy the problem before continuing.  The Error Functions only work when specified within the Compose | Survey Settings | Error Messages tab.


Sawtooth Script:


ErrCursum ()

Returns the current sum of the constant sum question.

ErrField ()

Returns the question number on the page.

ErrMax ()

Returns the maximum value allowed for the question.

ErrMin ()

Returns the minimum value allowed for the question.

ErrQName ()

Returns the question name.

ErrText ()

Returns the question-specific error message that is optionally specified at the question level, under the Advanced... button.


ErrTotal ()

Returns the total amount that the responses to the constant sum question should add to.


For additional flexibility in Sawtooth Scripting, see the Unverified Perl documentation.







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