Viewing/Editing Data

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Click File | Data Management and the Data Management dialog is displayed.  This dialog offers three tabs:


Get Data

Export Data

View/Edit Data


Select the View/Edit Data tab.


The data are displayed in a grid.  Most fields are editable, but certain fields (such as sys_SequentialRespNum, sys_RespNum and sys_ElapsedTime) may not be modified and are greyed out.  


Respondent records may be deleted using the Delete Row icon.  Variables may be deleted using the Delete Column icon.


Additional variables that were not collected may be merged to the data using the Add Merged Variable addmergedvariable button.  When this is clicked, a dialog appears asking for the variable name and data type.  The variable name must be a valid Lighthouse Studio name.  Regarding data types:



Usually discrete integers starting with 1, such as 1=male, 2=female, 3=refused.  Usually used for a nominal scale, where the researcher specifies labels for each category.  The size of the numbers typically has little or no meaning for the analysis.  During analysis, may be used for filters/segments/covariates.



Numeric values associated with quantities such as income, age, etc. where the size of the numbers has meaning.  Can contain decimal places of precision.  During analysis, may be used for filters/segments/covariates and weighting.



The data may contain letters, numbers, and special characters (such as !, $, ^, etc.).  During analysis, may be used for filters/segments, but may not be used for weighting.



See additional information about System Variables.


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