Attribute Information Settings

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By default, each attribute is treated as categorical (nominal), taking on discrete levels of 1, 2, 3, etc.  But, you can specify whether each attribute is to be treated as Continuous or if it is a Price attribute.


Is Continuous means that users will specify levels of this attribute by directly typing a value such as "10" (for 10 kilos) or "845" (for 845 dollars).


Is Price means that the attribute will be treated as Continuous and that the Randomized First Choice simulation method (the default method) will turn off the correction for product similarity for this attribute.


When you expand the information below each attribute by clicking the expand expand_icon icon, if the attribute is Continuous or Price, you can specify values to associate with each level of that attribute.  For example, type "15000," "20000," and "30000" into the Value column:




When you associate specific values with attribute levels, you can now type "15000" directly into the market simulator scenario specification grid to refer to Level 1.  If you want to interpolate between prices you measured in the conjoint questionnaire, you can specify (for example) "15346" in the market simulator interface to mean $15,346.  



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