Analysis Manager


The Analysis Manager within Lighthouse Studio is the area where you conduct certain statistical analyses and store the results.  Some of the analysis runs can include:


Computing part-worth utilities for CBC, ACBC, ACA, or CVA

Computing scores for MaxDiff (Best-Worst Scaling)

Counting analysis for CBC, ACBC, and MaxDiff




You may add multiple analysis runs within this dialog by clicking the Add button.  Each analysis run you add is organized on a separate tab in the work area.  Click from tab to tab to switch runs.  Also note that within a run, there are tabs along the bottom of the report that show different views: summary, individual-level data, etc.


Another way to add a run is to create a duplicate of an existing run (so you don't have to start from scratch in terms of settings).  Click the tab of the run you wish to duplicate, then click Duplicate.


You may rename any analysis run by double-clicking its label on the tab or clicking Rename.


Click Run to execute a run, once you've selected the Analysis Type got the settings gear_blue as you want them.


The results of the runs (e.g. part-worth utilities per respondent, log files, draws files, etc.) are stored in a zipped folder within the project folder. Some data files generated by the Analysis Manager can become especially large (e.g. HB draws), so this lessens the storage requirements for your project.  You may Export the results for runs to .csv files (comma-separated text files) to extract and export the results if you need them.


Also note that the workspace looks quite a bit like a spreadsheet and supports many spreadsheet-like functions such as copy-and-pasting, or even formulas.  For example, you can place your cursor on cell A3 and type "=(A1+A2)".  The sum of the values in A1 and A2 are displayed in cell A3.  The formula "=SUM(D1:D3)" adds all values found in cells D1 through D3.

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