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Community Question Library

Beginning with Lighthouse Studio 9.3, you may create a personal question library with your favorite questions. This page contains a list of survey questions that have been submitted by our user community. You may download questions and import them into your Lighthouse Studio question library and freely use them in your surveys. 

Before using, please review our Community Question Library Terms and Conditions. The questions are provided as is—without warranty. Sawtooth Software personnel cannot provide technical support or vouch for the effectiveness of any question on this page. Please test all questions thoroughly before using them in your survey. You may contact the author with your concerns if the author has provided their contact information within their listing. If you would like to submit a question to the Community Question Library, please see the Submission Requirements.

Community Question Library
Title Modified Date Author Hits
Slider Constant Sum 29 March 2017 Zachary Anderson Hits: 2381
Sliders: Ranged 29 March 2017 Zachary Anderson Hits: 2412
Sliders: Single Value 29 March 2017 Zachary Anderson Hits: 2299
Stars Rating 11 April 2017 Zachary Anderson Hits: 908
Subheaders 29 March 2017 Zachary Anderson Hits: 1577
Timer 04 May 2017 Zachary Anderson Hits: 954
Van Westendorp 19 March 2018 Zachary Anderson Hits: 492