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CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)

Below is a list of Sawtooth Software grant recipients who primarily used the Choice-Based Conjoint module of SSI Web to field and analyze their studies.

Title Author Hits
Jan Schmidt Zachary Anderson Hits: 1112
Sophie Bolzer Zachary Anderson Hits: 1254
Yu Heng Kwan Zachary Anderson Hits: 1308
Andrea Semmler Zachary Anderson Hits: 1110
Martin Haehner Hits: 1340
Carina Schidlowski Hits: 1532
Yannic Domigall Hits: 1603
Willie Stiehler Hits: 1464
Raymond Prior Hits: 1198
Natalia Maehle Hits: 1227
Wen Jin Hits: 1259
Marie Yeh Hits: 1145
Stefan Benthaus Hits: 1412
Sheree-Ann Adams Super User Hits: 1807
Seung Hyun Lee Hits: 1359
Sabrina Meyfroidt Hits: 1373
Klaus Miller Hits: 1359
Paul Balcombe Hits: 1298
Kevin Decker Hits: 1426
Orsolya Rozsnyai Hits: 1007
Nico Wiegand Hits: 1195
Katharina Frosch Hits: 1310
Markus Griebe Hits: 1014
Manuel Trenz Hits: 1349
Paul Maia Hits: 1445

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