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CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)

Below is a list of Sawtooth Software grant recipients who primarily used the Choice-Based Conjoint module of SSI Web to field and analyze their studies.

Title Author Hits
Paul Maia Hits: 994
Thomasz Karasek Hits: 1041
Luiz Pilli Hits: 795
Kristina Fluechter Hits: 911
Klaus Miller Hits: 836
Kevin Decker Hits: 923
Katharina Frosch Hits: 918
Kasper Linden Hits: 743
Jutta Schuch Hits: 812
Joris Van Dijk Hits: 719
Jonas Pendzialek Hits: 747
Jenny Shepperson Hits: 877
Jelle Van Cauwenberg Hits: 899
Jani Holopainen Hits: 693
Jan Schwarz Hits: 793
Ian Connole Hits: 841
Grant Cavanaugh Hits: 759
George Apostolakis Hits: 452

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