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Manuel Trenz

Manuel Trenz

Manuel is fascinated by the question how the Internet and digital innovations transform markets, businesses and society. To dig deeper into this question, he currently pursues his PhD at the University of Mannheim with the aim to build up his toolbox of methods and theories and apply it to generate new insights in this field. Before, he received his diploma in Business Informatics, working at the intersection of business administration and computer science. He furthermore gained practical experiences at a leading strategy consultancy and at a global software company. During this time, he developed his passion for travelling the world that he often combines with practical and educational activities.

In his research project, he studies the interplay between offline and electronic channels. The goal is to understand how both channels can complement each other and how strategies have to be adapted using an integrated view on both channels. Within this project, he studies customer behavior with regards to multichannel pricing and multichannel integration. He particularly applies Sawtooth Software’s CBC/HB module to evaluate customer decisions and their valuation for certain channel configurations.

You can contact Manuel via his LinkedIn account or his website.

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