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ACBC (Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint)

Below is a list of Sawtooth Software grant recipients who primarily used the Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint module of SSI Web to field and analyze their studies.

Title Author Hits
Jasper Brinkerink Zachary Anderson Hits: 1028
Thomas Kind Nathan Bryce Hits: 1318
Suzanne Jervis Hits: 1185
Sebastian Mayer Hits: 1343
Robert Bauer Hits: 1715
Pedro Longart Hits: 1296
Maria Lingenau Hits: 1328
Marcel Lichters Hits: 1437
Lauren Wallar Hits: 1177
Kyle Murphy Hits: 1093
Khan Salam & Mahzabin Chowdhury Hits: 1132
John Lowery Hits: 1229
Herre Uittenhout Hits: 1339
Anders Reje & Elena Dreger Hits: 993
Caroline Stanton Brian McEwan Hits: 1605
David Zogg Hits: 1210
Colin Daniels Super User Hits: 2171
Nicola Burkhardt Super User Hits: 2244

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