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John Lowery

John Lowery

John has a unique academic portfolio that complements his curiosity about life. Since graduating from Upper Arlington High School in 2010 with an International Baccalaureate Diploma, he pursued a Bachelor of Science at The University of Akron as a member of the NEOMED BS/MD accelerated program. After two short years of undergraduate coursework, John decided to invest in alternative passions before committing to medicine. He currently serves as a Student Research Assistant at The Ohio State University. Remaining faithful to his academic pursuits, John is a trailblazer in a dual-degree program at OSU: Master of Science in Food Science and Technology and a Master of Business Administration. Aside from school, John is a competitive triathlete who is seeking his Professional license to compete for Team USA.

Working closely with my team of fellow researchers, we are currently developing an innovative black raspberry confection that has shown promising results to mitigate prostate cancer in Phase II Human Clinical Trials. With the focus on product optimization, consumer feedback is vital to product enhancement with respect to the targeted populations of interest: 1) General consumer population (45-65 years of age), 2) Prostate cancer patients, and 3) At-risk prostate cancer patients. The goal is to narrow the focus on those essential elements of a functional confection and effectively build archetypes to mirror conjoint analysis results for an in-house market simulation. Sawtooth Software's ACBC provides the answers we need to gain further insight into product optimization. 

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