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SSI Web Data Collection on Android Not Connected to Internet

Many of our SSI Web users have been begging us for a solution for conducting SSI Web surveys on Android mobile devices not connected to the internet. We've been in beta now for about a year with an excellent solution. The beta testers have already used it for over 100 projects, installed it on thousands of devices, and collected tens of thousands of interviews.

Our CAPI on Android (CAPI stands for Computer-Aided Personal Interviewing) solution works as follows:

  1. Compose your SSI Web Survey and upload to our hosting services in the standard way.
  2. Install our App from the Android store on Android devices.
  3. The app syncs your SSI Web projects with the device. Now you can interview using any of the synced projects without an internet connection.
  4. Whenever the Android device establishes an internet connection, any completed surveys are automatically pushed to the web server.
  5. Whenever the Android device establishes an internet connection, any changes you've made to the survey (and have pushed to our hosting services) are automatically pushed to the Android device.

A key advantage of our CAPI Android approach is that the Android device displays the survey to the interviewer or respondent using the web browser. So, surveys appear the same whether using offline Android devices to conduct the interview or online desktops/laptops/mobile devices. Most apps for mobile devices render surveys differently if using the app instead of browsing to the survey online, so this is a nice advantage for our CAPI on Android approach.

We plan to be in beta for a little bit longer before it is released during Q1, 2016. These same benefits will also be available for Windows-based devices. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding becoming a beta user or for more details.