Sawtooth Software: The Survey Software of Choice

Our focus is to provide high-end software tools for collecting and analyzing data from people. In addition, we will educate our users regarding advanced techniques. We will provide additional services and customized solutions to our customers when profitable or when the project will advance our understanding and methods. The company exists to meet individual and family goals. For this to be realized, the company must be financially successful. As the company succeeds, we desire that employees and their families also enjoy that success.


  1. Provide dependable, useful products
  2. Use leading-edge methods and technologies
  3. Maintain customer-oriented focus
  4. Educate the market
  5. Ensure redundancy in job responsibilities
  6. Be internally fair and supportive to employees
  7. Offer no black-box technology; we allow customers access to the internal algorithms


  1. Competency and long-term commitment of personnel
  2. Conjoint/Choice technology
  3. Interviewing and survey hosting technology
  4. Customer and contact database
  5. Reputation: brand name and relationships within industry
  6. Product support/consulting
  7. Implement customer ideas