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Conjoint Value Analysis (CVA)

CVA is the traditional, full-profile conjoint analysis, similar to the first conjoint methodology proposed in the 1970s. It can display either one or two products at a time. It may be used for paper-based or computer-based interviewing. It is useful for both product design and pricing research, when the number of attributes is about six or fewer.

CVA/Web is a component within the SSI Web platform of tools. It is typically used for product design and pricing research, where the number of attributes studied is about six or fewer. CVA is especially advantageous when collecting small sample sizes.

Read more about the Conjoint Value Analysis (CVA) methodology or download the CVA Technical Paper. If you are having trouble deciding which conjoint method might be best for your specific situation, try our interactive advisor.

CVA System:

  • Up to 30 attributes
  • Up to 15 levels per attribute (text and/or graphics)
  • Two built-in utility estimation routines: Ordinary Least-Squares regression (for rating scales); monotone regression (for ranked cards)
  • Paper-based, Web-based, or CAPI interviewing (computers not connected to the Internet)
  • SMRT software included, for conducting market simulations
  • Includes comprehensive manual, with tutorial and examples

System Requirements

SSI Web requires Windows XP or later.

Server Requirements

For web-based data collection, the software works on any Windows or Unix(Linux) based server platform that supports Perl scripts (including inexpensive shared hosting solutions).