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What is Ci3?

(Please note that technical support and bug fixes for Ci3 are not guaranteed after Dec 31, 2008)

The Ci3 System lets you compose computer-assisted interviews, administer interviews in the field, and do simple data analysis. Any crosstab or statistical analysis system can import Ci3 data for more detailed analysis.

Sawtooth Software interviewing products have been used for over a decade in thousands of studies. Experience shows that people enjoy being interviewed by computers, and computer-administered surveys have higher response rates and produce better data. Disk-by-mail interviews take advantage of this appeal, and are now a popular choice, given the proliferation of business and home PCs.

As the result of continuous development, Ci3 can enhance your ability to conduct research,making it possible to ask questions and to follow interview protocols simply not possible with paper questionnaires.

Ci3 lets you do:

  • Disk-By-Mail interviewing (DBM)
  • Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • Computer-Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI)

Ci3 is also commonly used with Sawtooth Software's popular conjoint systems (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA), Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) and Conjoint Value Analysis (CVA)) to create seamless computerized interviews. The Ci3 portion asks non-conjoint questions such as demographics and open-ends and can link to a single or multiple conjoint modules at any point in the interview.

As the author, you have complete control over the "personality" of your questionnaire, including screen design and the ways it responds to answers. With Windows interviews, you have complete control of font and character size, and you can even include graphics/still art and sound to develop impressive multimedia interviews. Additionally, you can customize text, dialogs and control buttons for international interviewing.

One of the most important benefits of computer interviewing is control; questionnaires are administered exactly as written, with no missed questions or incorrect skip patterns. Other benefits include faster turnaround and increased accuracy (since manual data entry is eliminated) resulting in less data cleaning and editing.

Ci3 can administer all types of research questions, including single response, multiple response, numeric, open-ends, sliding scales, and constant sums. There are many options for sequencing questions, including skipping, branching, randomizing, and rostering. Even new users can quickly produce simple questionnaires. But most researchers choose Ci3 for its powerful capabilities that let them create complex questionnaires that accommodate virtually any questionnaire design.

Ci3 offers standard features you expect in an icon-oriented Windows application, including a toolbar, context-sensitive help and drop-down menus, plus seamless exporting of data to SPSS® for Windows™, WinCross™, The Survey System™ or Survey Tab™, and standard ASCII data files. Ci3 also includes a data editor and a built-in coding utility for coding open-ends and "other specify" responses.

Ci3 is available in a range of sizes, from an inexpensive system for brief questionnaires to an "unlimited" version for questionnaires of most any length and complexity. Ci3 has no limit on the number of interview diskettes you can create (call us for licensing details).

Ci3 runs under Windows. For questionnaire development and data analysis, we suggest a Pentium processor and at least 8 MB of memory. Ci3 can create interviews for DOS or Windows.