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The ALT codes can be entered directly into many programs, such as Lighthouse Studio and Excel. But not all codes work in all programs. To enter a code, make sure Num Lock is on and press the ALT key as you type the number on the numeric keypad. The HTML codes are entered into HTML documents.


Char ALT Code HTML Name Entity Code Description Unicode
α ALT + 224 (945) α α Greek small letter Alpha U+03B1
ά ALT + 940   ά Greek small letter Alpha with Tonos U+03AC
Α ALT + 913 Α Α Greek capital letter Alpha U+0391
Ά ALT + 902   Ά Greek capital letter Alpha with Tonos U+0386
β ALT + 225 (946) β β Greek small letter Beta U+03B2
ϐ ALT + 976   ϐ Greek Beta symbol U+03D0
Β ALT + 914 Β Β Greek capital letter Beta U+0392
γ ALT + 947 γ γ Greek small letter Gamma U+03B3
Γ ALT + (226) 915 Γ Γ Greek capital letter Gamma U+0393
δ ALT + 235 (948) δ δ Greek small letter Delta U+03B4
Δ ALT + 916 Δ Δ Greek capital letter Delta U+0394
ε ALT + 238 (949) ε ε Greek small letter Epsilon U+03B5
έ ALT + 941   έ Greek small letter Epsilon with Tonos U+03AD
ϵ ALT + 1013   ϵ Greek lunate Epsilon symbol U+03F5
϶ ALT + 1014   ϶ Greek reversed lunate Epsilon symbol U+03F6
Ε ALT + 917 Ε Ε Greek capital letter Epsilon U+0395
Έ ALT + 904   Έ Greek capital letter Epsilon with Tonos U+0388
ζ ALT + 950 ζ ζ Greek small letter Zeta U+03B6
Ζ ALT + 918 Ζ Ζ Greek capital letter Zeta U+0396
η ALT + 951 η η Greek small letter Eta U+03B7
ή ALT + 942   ή Greek small letter Eta with Tonos U+03AE
Η ALT + 919 Η Η Greek capital letter Eta U+0397
Ή ALT + 905   Ή Greek capital letter Eta with Tonos U+0397
θ ALT + 952 θ θ Greek small letter Theta U+03B8
ϑ ALT + 977 ϑ ϑ Greek Theta symbol U+03D1
Θ ALT + 233 (920) Θ Θ Greek capital letter Theta U+0398
ϴ ALT + 1012   ϴ Greek capital Theta symbol U+03F4
ι ALT + 953 ι ι Greek small letter Iota U+03B9
ί ALT + 943   ί Greek small letter Iota with Tonos U+03AF
ϊ ALT + 970   ϊ Greek small letter Iota with Dialytika U+03CA
ΐ ALT + 912   ΐ Greek small letter Iota with Dialitika and Tonos U+0390
Ι ALT + 921 Ι Ι Greek capital letter Iota U+0399
Ϊ ALT + 938   Ϊ Greek capital letter Iota with Dialitika U+03AA
Ί ALT + 906   Ί Greek capital letter Iota with Tonos U+038A
κ ALT + 954 κ κ Greek small letter Kappa U+03BA
Κ ALT + 922 Κ Κ Greek capital letter Kappa U+039A
λ ALT + 955 λ λ Greek small letter Lambda U+03BB
Λ ALT + 923 Λ Λ Greek capital letter Lambda U+039B
μ ALT + 230 (956) μ μ Greek small letter Mu U+03BC
Μ ALT + 924 Μ Μ Greek capital letter Mu U+039C
ν ALT + 957 ν ν Greek small letter Nu U+03BD
Ν ALT + 925 Ν Ν Greek capital letter Nu U+039D
ξ ALT + 958 ξ ξ Greek small letter Xi U+03BE
Ξ ALT + 926 Ξ Ξ Greek capital letter Xi U+039E
ο ALT + 959 ο ο Greek small letter Omicron U+03BF
ό ALT + 972   ό Greek small letter Omicron with Tonos U+03CC
Ο ALT + 927 Ο Ο Greek capital letter Omicron U+039F
Ό ALT + 908   Ό Greek capital letter Omicron with Tonos U+038C
π ALT + 227 (960) π π Greek small letter Pi U+03C0
ϖ ALT + 982 ϖ ϖ Greek Pi symbol U+03D6
Π ALT + 928 Π Π Greek capital letter Pi U+03A0
ρ ALT + 961 ρ ρ Greek small letter Rho U+03C1
Ρ ALT + 929 Ρ Ρ Greek capital letter Rho U+03A1
σ ALT + 229 (963) σ σ Greek small letter Sigma U+03C3
ς ALT + 962 ς ς Greek small letter final Sigma U+03C2
ϲ ALT + 1010   ϲ Greek lunate Sigma symbol U+03F2
ͻ ALT + 891   ͻ Greek small reversed lunate Sigma symbol U+037B
ͼ ALT + 892   ͼ Greek small dotted lunate Sigma symbol U+037C
ͽ ALT + 893   ͽ Greek small reversed dotted lunate Sigma symbol U+037D
Σ ALT + 228 (931) Σ Σ Greek capital letter Sigma U+03A3
Ϲ ALT + 1017   Ϲ Greek capital lunate Sigma symbol U+03F9
Ͻ ALT + 1021   Ͻ Greek capital reversed lunate Sigma symbol U+03FD
Ͼ ALT + 1022   Ͼ Greek capital dotted lunate Sigma symbol U+03FE
Ͽ ALT + 1023   Ͽ Greek capital reversed dotted lunate Sigma symbol U+03FF
τ ALT + 231 (964) τ τ Greek small letter Tau U+03C4
Τ ALT + 932 Τ Τ Greek capital letter Tau U+03A4
υ ALT + 965 υ υ Greek small letter Upsilon U+03C5
ϋ ALT + 971   ϋ Greek small letter Upsilon with Dialytika U+03CB
ύ ALT + 973   ύ Greek small letter Upsilon with Tonos U+03CD
ΰ ALT + 944   ΰ Greek small letter Upsilon with Dialitika and Tonos U+03B0
ϒ ALT + 978 ϒ ϒ Greek Upsilon with hook symbol U+03D2
Υ ALT + 933 Υ Υ Greek capital letter Upsilon U+03A5
Ϋ ALT + 939   Ϋ Greek capital letter Upsilon with Dialitika U+03AB
Ύ ALT + 910   Ύ Greek capital letter Upsilon with Tonos U+038E
φ ALT + 237 (968) φ ψ Greek small letter Phi U+03C8
ϕ ALT + 232 (981)   ϕ Greek Phi symbol U+03D5
Φ ALT + 934 Φ Φ Greek capital letter Phi U+03A6
χ ALT + 967 χ χ Greek small letter Chi U+03C7
Χ ALT + 935 Χ Χ Greek capital letter Chi U+03A7
ψ ALT + 968 ψ ψ Greek small letter Psi U+03C8
Ψ ALT + 936 Ψ Ψ Greek capital letter Psi U+03A8
ω ALT + 969 ω ω Greek small letter Omega U+03C9
ώ ALT + 974   ώ Greek small letter Omega with Tonos U+03CE
Ω ALT + 234 (937) Ω Ω Greek capital letter Omega U+03A9
Ώ ALT + 911   Ώ Greek capital letter Omega with Tonos U+038F