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Join our community in a CBC modeling competition! Build your best models to predict held-out choice tasks for a real CBC study (n=1200, collected using SSI Panel sample on the subject matter of cruise vacation choice). The winner receives a $5,000 USD cash plus an invitation to speak at the 2016 Sawtooth Software Conference regarding details behind your model's success (subject to the official Rules & Procedures; contest void where prohibited by law).

You don't need to worry about being embarrassed if you don't do as well as others because participants' identities remain anonymous (except the eventual winners who will likely want to be recognized for their efforts).

The competition starts November 1, 2015 and ends July 29, 2016. The top three winners receive an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the 2016 Sawtooth Software Conference (September 28-30, Park City, Utah).

The purpose of the competition is to enlist talented researchers to work on a common data set, investigating the merits of different predictive models. The hope is that we can learn from one another which approaches seem to be most successful in terms of predictive accuracy. To further facilitate this, at the 2016 Sawtooth Software Conference we'll hold an hour-long panel discussion to compare approaches and ask questions of one another.


  1. To enter the contest, read and agree via email (to Bryan Orme) your team's acceptance of the terms as described in the official 2016 Sawtooth Software Prize Participant Guide.pdf document in the Download tab.
  2. Download the training data set and holdout task data from the Download tab on this page.
  3. Estimate your predictive models using the training data set (Training.csv). Any modeling approach or software may be used (except proprietary/patented methods).
  4. Predict choices at the individual-level for six "random" within-sample held out choice tasks (WSholdouts.csv); predict shares of preference for the out-of-sample respondents for the "fixed" choice tasks described in OOSholdouts.csv; send your predictions in the required .csv formatted files to Bryan Orme via email (see the 2016 Sawtooth Software Prize Participant Guide.pdf document for file formats). Also include a short description of your models with each submission
  5. Track your team's results on the Leader Board tab on this page which will be updated about weekly through the competition.
  6. Submit new predictions at most once per week until July 15, 2016. From July 16-29, 2016 submissions may be done daily.


Call Bryan Orme at +1 801 477 4700

May the battle of the predictive models begin!