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Terms and Conditions

Sawtooth Software offers web hosting services for surveys created using SSI Web (v5 or later) including the CiW, ACBC, CBC, ACA, and/or MaxDiff components. To be eligible for hosting services, you must be a registered SSI Web software licensee.

Hosting services are provided through arrangements with third party hosting vendors, and servers are not owned or maintained by Sawtooth Software. Sawtooth Software believes that these service providers are reliable. However, Sawtooth Software cannot be held responsible for any server downtime, data corruption or loss, heavy server traffic, denial of service or any other source of data loss, inconvenience or delay. By accepting the terms of this agreement, you acknowledge that such data loss or down time are possible and you assume the inherent risks. If your survey could potentially involve significant web traffic, you will need to make arrangements with Sawtooth Software for a dedicated server or other alternate solution.

You are responsible for the creation, design and analysis of your own survey using SSI Web. Sawtooth Software will provide no data analysis, data processing, questionnaire review, password modification, programming or consulting expertise beyond the basic service of setting up your survey on the web server. If you are linking to SSI Web from another survey tool, or if you are linking multiple SSI Web surveys, you are responsible for properly setting up these links and ensuring that they work properly.

You should email Sawtooth Software all required survey files, including graphics, at least one full business day prior to when you want to begin testing the survey's functionality on the web server. Some services, such as dedicated servers or custom domain names, take two days or longer to set up, so please plan accordingly. Domain names (URL) purchased on your behalf will be held for one year by Sawtooth Software, at which time they will expire unless other arrangements are made.

If you are using CBC/Web, you must generate the survey design prior to sending your files. For SSI Web v5 (or later versions) users, you must prepare your survey for web upload and send us the web upload folder. Please test your survey thoroughly before sending it to us, and include enough time to test the survey on the web prior to opening the survey to respondents. Sawtooth Software will only test to ensure that respondents can log in, begin the study, and that the data are being saved.

Once your survey is uploaded, you are responsible for monitoring results and accumulating and downloading data through the online administrative module. If you cannot access the administrative module or if you discover problems related to respondent access to your survey, notify Sawtooth Software immediately.

If changes are required after your survey has been uploaded and configured on the web server, you are responsible for making the changes and uploading the new files to the server. Sawtooth Software will provide you with the FTP account information required to make changes to your survey. You may also contact Sawtooth Software to make alternative upload arrangements, although there are additional fees for this service. Hosting support is only available during normal business hours.

When you have completed your data collection and downloaded your data, please notify Sawtooth Software to turn off access to your site. You will continue to be charged for hosting until your access has been turned off.

All fees for web hosting are posted at If you have any questions or need any clarification, please contact Sawtooth Software.

In all cases, Sawtooth Software's liability is limited to the fee paid for hosting.