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In this section you'll find the optional services that we offer at Sawtooth Software.


Our web hosting service makes it easy to post your SSI Web surveys (v5 or later) on the Internet. We provide a tested hosting environment coupled with strong technical support to help you post your survey online. | Discover More


Sawtooth Analytics, a divison within Sawtooth Software, provides consulting, analytical, and survey programming services primarily to Sawtooth Software customers. We can assist you when your needs exceed the scope of the free technical support we offer with our software systems, or when you need additional resources to help you design, analyze or interpret a survey. | Discover More


Our experts regularly provide a number of open-enrollment training programs to teach our users how to use our software. We also provide customized training for organization, on-site or via webinar. | Discover More

The Online Simulator is designed to provide an easy-to-use, graphically rich simulation and analysis environment. As a web-based tool, the simulator is always up-to-date, and is available anywhere you can find a web connection. With nothing to install, and with a well-designed, intuitive interface, the Online Simulator means you'll spend far less time dealing with technical issues and explaining the simulator to your client, and they'll have far more time to run simulations and glean valuable insights from the data. | Discover More

The MaxDiff Analyzer enhances your analysis options for MaxDiff data sets. The tool allows you to rescale scores for a subset of items, run TURF analysis, and simulate preference share allocation across items. This is an online tool, and requires an annual subscription. | Discover More

User Directory

The User Directory is a listing of our customers who wish to advertise their services and capabilities. Full-service, consultants, data collection houses or contract programmers using Sawtooth Software are welcome to post a listing. | Discover More