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Webinar: Learning to Use the MaxDiff Typing Tool (Suite-Holder Exclusive)

When conducting segmentation studies, one potential deliverable of the research is a typing tool. A typing tool is typically an abbreviated set of questions used to classify new respondents into existing segments and allows for future research to be conducted among the target groups.

Join us Wednesday, November 16th for an informative, suite-holder exclusive webinar on some of the different types of typing tools available, with a deep dive into Sawtooth Software's MaxDiff typing tool. This tool is used to develop MaxDiff typing questionnaires and classify new respondents (via naive Bayes) into existing segmentation schemes. It does not have a user interface, just two .EXE files that rely on supporting text-based parameters and data files, so it has not been released as a formal Sawtooth Software product. However, we'd like to share the capabilities of the tool in hopes that you may want to use it in the future!

This webinar is exclusive to our suite holders.


November 16, 2016

Join us and learn:

  • Different typing tool options and applications
  • How to use Sawtooth Software's MaxDiff Typing Tool Classifier
Learning to Use the MaxDiff Typing Tool