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Webinar: Mimic Consumer Choice with MBC

On Wednesday, August 12th at 8:00 AM PDT (11:00 AM EDT), Sawtooth Software will host a free hour-long webinar exclusive to our Suite Subscription holders: Mimic Consumer Choice with MBC.

Menus are everywhere! Imitate consumers' actual purchase process by using Menu-Based Choice. Please join us!

  • Learn best practices for Menu-Based Choice experiments
  • Learn how to analyze MBC data using Sawtooth Software
  • Receive a free recording of the webinar


There are menus everywhere! Restaurants, electronics, service subscriptions, bundling vs. a la carte decisions, doctors' prescribing behavior, automobile purchases….

With Choice Based Conjoint, respondents make a single choice among pre-designed available options. In a Menu-Based Conjoint, respondents make from zero to multiple selections of options on the way to building their preferred choice. These are two quite different actions and the preference functions associated with each can be quite different.

Because MBC studies are complex to do, most of us try to find ways to make a purchase process that really is menu-based fit into a standard CBC or MaxDiff. Still, the desire to make the respondent task mimic the actual purchase process continues to lead advanced choice modelers to consider MBC for certain kinds of projects.

Join us for a free webinar hosted by Sawtooth Software, given exclusively to our suite license holders by Bryan Orme, Sawtooth Software's president. (Those of you with Premium or Premium+ licenses already have access to MBC!) Here you will learn best practices for Menu-Based studies and some approaches for analyzing the data. This will be an introduction to an advanced methodology that will expand your thinking about choice models. You'll see that CBC studies are just cases within a more flexible family of menu-based choice models.

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Bryan Orme   Megan Peeitz  

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