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The Sawtooth Software conferences are renowned for their practical, practitioner-oriented focus and depth in the fields of conjoint analysis, segmentation, and data collection/analysis. It is not a sales-oriented program, but a forum to exchange ideas and learn about quantitative methods in marketing research.

The 2013 conference will focus on conjoint/choice analysis and MaxDiff, other advanced techniques, and general issues regarding data collection. The main sessions of the conference will be held October 16-18. Optional tutorials and workshops will be held October 14-15 at the same venue.

We are pleased to announce that the Sawtooth Software conference will once again include a Healthcare Applications in Conjoint Analysis track. This will provide a unique opportunity to researchers in marketing and health care economics to interact. Both events are held at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott and attendees will mingle at meals and after-hours receptions.

Here is a 12-page brochure that provides more details about the Conference.

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Quotes from past attendees:

No other conference that I attend provides more ideas to take back to the office.

It's the only practitioner-oriented conference for marketing science, and Sawtooth always runs a first-class operation.

Best conference I have ever attended! Great mix of presentations and awesome tutorials. Learned a ton!

Increasingly, the Sawtooth Software conference has become the vehicle for bringing academic research into an accessible format that is open to validation and critique. This conference has done more to change the research industry and the tools available to researchers than has any other forum.

Very well-organized, well-planned. Worth every dollar and every minute.

This conference is by far the best in the industry - it is down to earth and practical.

I was surprised how, for every presentation that was given, I came away with some nugget of information that I could bring back to the office. Very valuable information!

I thought the conference struck the right balance between practitioners and theoreticians and was impressed by the willingness of each to learn from the other.