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Wednesday Afternoon: Introduction to ACBC

This half-day session introduces participants to Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC). This interactive, hands-on training will provide you with practical experience in creating and analyzing surveys created with Sawtooth Software’s Lighthouse Studio platform.

  • Motivation for adaptive choice-based conjoint
  • Sections and flow for ACBC surveys
  • Specifying attributes and levels
  • Creating and testing effective ACBC designs
  • Creating an effective configurator (Build Your Own) section
  • Implementing screening tasks
  • Exploring the tournament section
  • Adding calibration concepts

Thursday: Intermediate ACBC

This session builds upon concepts learned in the introductory segments of this training. We'll go beyond the basics of ACBC to cover:

  • Analyzing ACBC data using Counts, Logit, Latent Class, and hierarchical Bayes (HB)
  • Using market simulators to estimate preference for competitive products in market scenarios, including price sensitivity
  • Using alternative-specific designs, conditional displays, and merged rows
  • Customizing attributes and levels with constructed lists
  • When to use CBC rather than ACBC
  • Best practices / common mistakes related to ACBC


The above agenda items are subject to change.