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SSI Web uses scripts written in the Perl programming language to run web-based surveys. A Perl interpreter must be installed on your web server for SSI Web surveys to work correctly.

Active State provides a free version of their ActivePerl interpreter at Both ActivePerl 5.8.4 and 5.6.1 are supported. We recommend the "MSI" version.

When installing ActivePerl, we recommend accepting all of the defaults.

The main "Perl" option and the "Perl ISAPI" option are required. "PerlScript", "PPM 3.0", and "Examples" are not required, but will not harm the ability to run SSI Web studies.

Make sure the following options are checked:

Perl should be added to the PATH environment variable, a Perl file extension association should be made, and the IIS script mapping for Perl and Perl ISAPI should be created.

Although instructions have been provided for ActivePerl, SSI Web can utilize any available Perl interpreter. Please consult your System Administrator to make sure a Perl interpreter is available.