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The default configuration of SSI Web has a separate cgi-bin directory inside each study root directory. Some web server configurations and ISPs do not allow this. They have a specific location where all CGI scripts must reside in order to execute. The following steps outline how to make SSI Web work with this alternate configuration:

  1. Upload all of the SSI Web Perl files (*.pl) to the location where they have permission to execute (the "common cgi-bin").

  2. In the authoring interface of SSI Web, go to Field | Remote Survey Management | Server Directory Paths. Modify the default paths to account for the new location of the Perl scripts. The following list describes the Server Directory Paths that need to be modified:

    • Administrative Directory: Path from the Perl scripts to the admin directory.
    • CGI Scripts Directory: Path from login.html to the Perl scripts.
    • Relative Path from CGI Scripts to Graphics: Path from the Perl scripts to the graphics directory.

    These changes are stored in the STUDYNAME_path.cgi, login.html, and admin.html files. The notation "../" means go up one directory.

    For example, given the directory structure:
    	STUDYNAME_path.cgi (might need to be placed here)
    The alternate paths are:

    • Administrative Directory:   ../htdocs/study1/admin/
    • CGI Scripts Directory:   ../../cgi-bin/
    • Relative Path from CGI Scripts to Graphics:   ../htdocs/study1/graphics/

  3. Remove STUDYNAME_path.cgi from the admin directory. Upload the STUDYNAME_path.cgi, with the modified path information, to the "common cgi-bin" directory next to the Perl scripts.